Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What attire is appropriate for swimming lesson?

Attire is a major issue in swimming. I decided to write this article to help the beginners learn some tips of what to wear in an activity like swimming lesson.

Generally, standard swimming pool requires proper swimming attire. The very reason  is to avoid discoloration of the water. If they will allow the people to swim in inappropriate wear, they will need to put more treatment, which means, it will require higher maintenance.
Example of Complete/Proper Swim Wear for Men & Women
(photo source:

The complete swimming attire consists of a head cap, goggles, swimsuit (female), swimming trunk (male). Head cap is used to lessen the friction of the water and gain more speed in gliding. It is also used to avoid distractions when swimming specially for swimmers with long hair. It also protects your hair from chlorine. According to , there are four (4) major types of swim cap. They are the:         1.) Latex and rubber; 2.) Silicone; 3.) Lycra; 4.) Others or Customized.
Latex Swim Cap
(photo source:

Silicone Swim Cap
(source: )

Lycra Swim Cap
(photo source:

Goggles is also needed in swimming. It helps the student to be more at ease with the water. Kids easily get their confidence with water when they used goggles in early age even if it was just for recreation. It also helps to have more focus in learning swimming skills. The two important factors to consider when buying goggles according to http://swim.isport  are comfort and fit. Goggles are classified into 1.) Competition 2.) Practice 3.) Recreational 4.) Swimming masks. The main purpose of wearing goggles is to protect your eyes from the harmful chemicals and dirt from water and from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Swim goggles for kids (Recreational)
(photo source:

Swim goggles for adults   (Practice)
(photo source:
Competition goggles
(source: )

Swimsuits and trunks come in  different forms. The most conservative type is the rash-guard (top for men and women). Types of trunks are; 1.) the boy-leg cut also known as square leg swimsuits 2.) Swim jammers or the cycling cut 3.) Two- piece (for female) 4.) Monokini or One piece swimsuit 5.) Brief cut 6.) Long swimming trunks. Board-shorts are generally not accepted as proper swimming attire in swimming pool. It is more accepted as attire for recreation swimming.
Boyleg cut
(photo source:


Brief cut
Long trunks

In buying your swimming attire, choose the best in quality and those that lasts to save money. Your swim wear may last according to care and maintenance. For swimming enthusiasts you can have at least three (3) sets. Remember that board shorts are generally for pool and beach party only. When doing a lap, you will swim better when you wear the proper attire.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My top ten (10) favorite fruits

Fruits are important part of everyone's diet . For every meal, fruit serving is needed to get the enough amount of fiber for good digestion as well as the needed vitamins and minerals for good health. Research shows that eating fruits reduces the chance of having illnesses. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, eating fruits provide health benefits-people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of their diet are likely to have a reduce risk of some chronic disease. Fruits are my partner in weight management. Nothing compares to the natural goodness of fruits especially if it was grown organically.
Fruits are for everyone

Our country is blessed with good soil and  plenty of fruit-bearing trees. Most fruits are almost available throughout the year. If a fruit is in-season, it is commonly sold in low price. Therefore, there must be no excuse for us not to eat the available fruits in town. Lucky are those living in the provinces because the have greater access of buying seasoned fruits in low price.

I would like to share the top ten (10) of my favorite fruits according to my personal preference, availability and its popularity and usefulness. The following fruits are can be found our country.

10. Mango
(Mango photo source: )
Famous fruit in our country and can be found most regions. This is known to be the national fruit of the Philippines. This fruit is can be dried and has export quality. My favorite is "supsupin", the sweet and small " variety. Green mangoes can be eaten with the famous "bagoong" (shrimp paste).

9. Tomato

(photo source:
 Popular source of lycopene which is good for the heart. Enough source of lycopene in the body makes your skin healthy and glowing. This is a common side dish for fried or grilled fish. I love to blend this fruit and make a fresh pasta sauce for a healthy meal.

8. Buko (Young Coconut)
(Buko photo source: )
Buko or coconut water has a hydrating effects in the body. This is a natural energy drink. According to   it is a natural electrolyte and isotonic beverage that helps increase body's metabolism. I guess, this fruit is most popular during summer, though it is available throughout the year.

7. Dalandan
(photo source: )
 Aside form calamansi, this is one of the most common sources of vitamin C. . A good mix for iced tea, best source of vitamin C. Affordable and easy to juice. Best substitute for American lemon.

6. Bayabas (Guava)
(photo source: )
Guava is my favorite ingredient for sinigang (Sinigang sa bayabas). The leaf is used in healing wounds and stops infection (natural antibiotic). It is rich in vitamin C but less acidic than lemon. According to, it is rich in magnesium that serves as nervous relaxant.

5. Mangosteen
(photo source: )
Even this fruit is expensive, you can have a double benefit, because  after consuming the seeds, the skin is can be dried and turned into a natural health drink. This fruit is a great source of antioxidants. According to American Cancer Society, it supports microbiological balance, help the immune system, improve joint flexibility, and provide mental support.

4. Guyabano
(photo source: )
 Guyabano is found to be anti-cancer. Its leaf is boiled and consumed as anti-cancer herbal tea. It can be found in supermarkets as herbal tea and many food manufacturers has their versions of herbal drink of this fruit.

3. Banana
(photo source: )
Great source of potassium. A must for swimmers and athletes. I used this fruit during swimming laps and training. Good thing is that you can carry this fruit in your bag. This serves  as a natural energy booster.

2. Pineapple
(photo source: )
Pineapple or "pinya" in our local term, is my partner in constipation. Great choice for losing weight. Also rich in antioxidants and good source of fiber. Its fiber is a world class source of cloth (export quality) and best for "barong tagalog" and the traditional Filipiniana attire, "baro't saya".

 1. Papaya
( photo source: )
 Papaya is my best partner especially before summer comes. It has been my habit to keep my body fit for summer though it would be better if I'm lean the whole year. I found out that eating this fruit in the evening with cereal is effective and the result is really amazing. Of course you should exercise too. This is highly recommended! Try papaya and get the best body for summer.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

A Resort of Choice in the City of Spring

Philippines is really blessed with natural resources particularly in terms of water forms. In my own hometown in Camarines Sur, there are spring resorts that is great for travelers and resort lovers. The best of them all is the Masosu Spring Resort. This resort carries the name of the place "Masosu". It was called masosu due to abundance of "suso" (a black freshwater mollusk) in water areas such as ponds and rice fields. Suso is actually the main ingredient of the famous Filipino dish ginataang suso.

The Main Pool/Pool 1
Pool 2
The Reception Hall

The water of the resort is naturally cold and fresh because it is literally a spring water. It is free-flowing and  non-chlorinated. The coolness of the water is highly suited for summer swimming getaway. Resort has four pools (Pool 1, 2, 3, 4) with studio type rooms and cottages. Other amenities are, videoke bar, stage, function hall, jacuzzi. It also serves as venue for wedding, debut and other events like Miss Iriga Beauty Pageant.There are also neighboring spring resorts to explore and you can also enjoy the golden view of the rice fields specially during summer. The nearest hotel is the Asog County Hotel which is along the National Road.
Asog County Hotel
(photo source:

To reach the place you take a Bicol bus ride (destination Iriga City), then get off the bus when you reach Asog County Hotel. Landmarks before Asog County Hotel are Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church and CamSur Electric Cooperative Building (Casureco). Another landmark to reach the resort is the Philippine National Railroad Crossing. The Exact Address is Masosu Spring Resort, Masuso St. San Isidro, Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines. In your next getaway, visit Masuso Spring Resort!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

A public swimming pool in Pandacan Manila

There is a new pool in my list. It is now included in my pool listing. (click link for more swimming pools) #mypoollisting . It is the Jacinto Ciria Cruz Swimming Pool.

I discovered this pool in Pandacan.  It is a 25 by 15 meters swimming pool located at Selya St. with a depth of 4 to 5 meters. This is such a great discovery. A great value for money for the residence of Manila.The entrance fee is only Php 80.00.
The Jacinto Ciria Cruz Swimming Pool is open daily from 8:00am- 5:00pm except Monday. The pool is managed by the City of Manila. The nearby landmarks are small fountain plaza, Ever Grocery, and a wet market. To reach the place, you can ride a bus from Feati University or SM City Manila.  You can also reach the place riding a train (Philippine National Railroad) via Pandacan station plus one jeepney ride with a travel time of around five (5)  minutes (walking distance).

(The pool photo taken at 8:00 in the morning)
 Please note that the pool is strict with swimming attire. Try this pool and enjoy your swimming adventure. For questions, you may e-mail me to .

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My First Coaching Experience

Our team in a college swimming intramural competition harvested six (6) gold, two (2) silver and three (3) bronze medals from twelve swimming events held at Philippine Marines-Navy Swimming Pool-Manila. I guess, this was a great start for a beginner like me as a coach in a swimming competition.  There were nine teams competed in the different swimming events. At the end of the competition, our team dominated the league.
(photo source:
The summary of events and our medals are as follows:

Male Place Female Place
Freestyle 25m Gold Freestyle 25m Bronze
Freestyle 50m Gold Freestyle 50m Silver
Breastroke 25m No place Breastroke 25m Gold
Backstroke 25m Silver Backstroke 25m Gold
Relay Medley Bronze Relay Medly Gold
Relay Open Bronze Relay Open Gold

My Swimmers! (photo courtesy of Ms. Cheryll Villareal)
The freestyle event (photo courtesy of Ms. Cheryll Villareal)

In this event, I realized that coaching is really a challenging task. A combination of hardwork, passion and love for the sports is really important. I was blessed because my swimmers are dedicated and fast-learners. It was very hard in the beginning because forty (40 %) percent of them are zero knowledge in swimming when we started the training. But, in four weekends of practice, they improved a lot. And the result is really great.

In coaching, It is a must to know your swimmers in order to maintain their focus and performance during the training and in the actual competition . Let me share some of my personal tips in coaching.   

1. Timetable. It is important that your swimmers are ready and skillful enough on the day of the competition
2. Proper nutrition. Performance is optimized when proper nutrition is included.
3. Proper execution versus speed. Speed is maximized if the the swimmers are used to executing the proper swim stroke.
4. Assignment. Take-home task could help them improve even when they are not in the water. There are body exercises that will maximize the muscles for better swimming performance.


What do you think is the formula of raising a champion swimmer?

(photo courtesy of

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Swimming During Rainy Season

Summer has ended. Heavy workloads are waiting. In tropical country like Philippines, end of summer is associated with more work and duties. Rainy season is the next problem because it will be followed with floods and typhoons not only in metro manila but almost nationwide. 
(photo source:

Water activities usually lessen due to rains. People get lazy to go to the pool to take a lap and even to go for other sports activities. We usually love staying at home cooking and craving some of our favorite dishes. This is something that we need to beat. Times like this, we need to be more disciplined and get some workout. If you don't feel to go out for swimming, you can stay at home and do simple exercises.

Despite of rainy season in the Philippines, there are swimmers who would still go for swim. I am personally one of those who loves to swim even rain is ongoing. My personal reasons are the following:

1. It is more challenging to swim when rain is present.
2. It is sunburn-free. No need to put my sunblock.
3. There are few swimmers in the pool.

You will not feel the same way but, in case you are really motivated to swim, I also listed some important considerations:

(photo source: 
1. Swim in the covered pool if possible. Uncovered pool can be source of water-borne diseases.
2. Check if there is thunder and lightning. Swimming in this condition is not allowed.
3. In case you accidentally drink some water from the pool, drink lactobiotic drinks after swim.

(photo source:
No need to wait for summer to learn swimming. Check-out my year-round swim program. When summer comes, you will surely wow your friends with your swimming skill. 

For your questions or suggestions, please email me to or post your comments at Freelance-Aquatics-Solution.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get the best of summer! Get the right swim school for you and for your child.

Summer is here and its just right to learn a new skill. If swimming is one of your choices,
try my swimming program that offers quality instruction for children and adults.               
It is a lifetime skill that you will cherish all your life so don't hesitate to spend for a swimming lesson.

Flexible time schedule is offered for the busy individuals! More information are stated below. For more questions Call or Text now.

Contact Numbers:    0917 38 31 907 (Globe and TM) or  0923 28 42 430 (Sun)

For Swim School Profile please click the link below:

or E-mail me to:



Villamor Air Force Swimming Pool
Gate 10, Villamor Golf Course, Cor. South Luzon Express Way & Sales Road, Pasay City, Philippines
Near Landmarks: Nichol's Bridge, Philippine State College of Aeronautics, Gate 3 Plaza.

View Larger Map

-The pool is inside the Villamor Golf Club

-With free wide parking area

-Good ambiance and well landscaped

-Also offered in Philippine Army Swimming Pool

Age Requirement:

-6 years and older

-Also offers adult lesson

-5 years old & below with limited slots
  (Php. 5, 000, inclusive of pool entrance)

Number of Sessions:

-Ten (10) Sessions

-One hour per session with fixed schedule
  (We can adjust upon agreement of both parties)

Schedule of Fees:

-Php 3, 500 (inclusive of instructors’ fee and pool entrance) 6yo and above
-Php 5, 000 (inclusive of instructors’ fee and pool entrance) 5yo and below

Registration and Class Schedule:

-Registration is on-going

-Tuesday to Sunday (Daily except Monday)
  8am to 9pm

General Requirements:

-Proper swimming attire

-In general health condition


-Experienced (more than 3 and 6 years coaching)

-With actual  life-guarding experience

For inquiries, Please text or call:

Herman L. BriƱas

Swimming Instructor

0917 38 31 907 (Globe & TM)

0923 28 42 430 (Sun)