Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Antler's Swimming Pool at Dasmarinas City, Province of Cavite

Summer is back and most of us are excited to visit the nearest pool or beach for a swim. To those who hate traveling to far places, there are many swimming pools in your area to choose from and you just need to check them around.

For swim enthusiasts, they used to find ways of locating the nearest pool wherever they are. For the residents of Dasmarinas or nearby cities in the province of Cavite, may I introduce a new pool in my list, the Antler's Pool. This pool measures 25 (length) x 20 (width) meters and 4 to 5 feet (depth). It is located inside the Antler's Village. The village is composed of dormitories for students and working professionals, a hotel, restaurants and a bank.
Antler's Pool by SwimBuddy

The pool is designed for fitness (lap pool) and it is the official training venue of Emilio Aguinaldo College- Cavite and Immaculate Conception Academy Swimming Teams and also the venue for swimming classes of EAC-Cavite Senior High School  and Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA-Cavite). College swimming classes are also held in this pool. Anthler's pool is open for public but coordination is necessary to the Jopaen Realty Corporation (JRC) Office. JRC office is located at the second floor of Antler's Square. The rate or entrance fee is 180 pesos per head, the use of cottage is free (First come first serve basis). You can coordinate with the JRC office for more details.
Antler's pool SwimBuddy

The pool is open daily from 8-5 pm. No need to worry in terms of conflict with the swimming teams because they used to train early or in the late afternoon (weekdays; 5am-7am and 5pm-7pm, weekends; 6am-8am only) . The pool location is serene as there are trees around the area. The Antler's Square serves as the corporate office of the village and accessible via Congressional East Avenue, Burol Main, Dasmarinas City. 

Antler's pool by SwimBuddy
For your inquiries, you may call the JRC Office at (046) 416- 47 - 40 to 42 look for Ms. Grace Caballero. Hope you will visit Dasmarinas City, the home of Paru-paro Festival! Have a happy summer!   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Three years in the limelight in a collegiate swimming competition

It was tree (3) years now since we started dominating the swimming event of the Letramurals Inter-Program Athletic Competition. The official sports activities intended for the college students of the Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

The swimming event started in 2013. My team is the Blue Orioles. This team is composed of dedicated psychology students. I don't have a hard time coaching this group since all of them are really determined to win in every event. They really spend time for training despite of the hectic schedule. The summary of our achievements are:

2013- Champion
2014- Champion
2015- Runner-up

To the former and current members of the blue orioles swimming team, Congratulations!

(Swim Team members with AP Catherine Sanchez, Letramurals Swim Event 2015)

Runner-up, Letramurals Swimming Event 2015

Champion, Letramurals Swimming Event 2014
Champion, Letramurals Swimming Event 2013

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Self-assessment of swimming skill

Assessment in an important aspect of learning. It gives feedback in terms of what to improve, say instruction, facility, or even the specific type of classroom procedure. This blog article is for my students in basic swimming class with a goal of assessing their own skill after the series of sessions. Self-assessment could be basis for evaluating their academic performance if it somehow reflect on their perception. Furthermore, it will help the coach/professor improve specific aspects of instruction and other teaching practices.
(image source:

To my students, please have your own self evaluation regarding to what have you learned in your basic  swimming class. There are two (2) required self evaluation procedures to accomplish:

1. Narrative- for the narrative response, post it as a comment below this blog article (one (1) paragraph, minimum of three (3) sentences). Please follow the following format:

Name: Juana dela Cruz
Year & Section: HRM2A

Guide question: In a score of 1-10 (1 is the lowest, 10 being the highest) in terms of swimming skill, how would you rate yourself and why?

(Write your answer here, 1 paragraph, 3 sentences)

2. Answer the Self-assessment of swimming ability (Jelka Gošnik , Natalija Špehar and Ksenija Fučkar Reichel, 2010)- Click the link below then answer the multiple choice survey.