Sunday, March 22, 2015

Splash & Bumps 2015

(Image courtesy of Mr. Thawn Suang)

Congratulations to the students who won the different events of the Splash and Bumps (Swimming) 2015 held at Angelicum College Swimming Pool last February 28, 2015. The events are Freestyle (Male and Female category), Breaststroke (Male and Female category), Relay (Male and Female category).  The participants were the two sections who are enrolled in PE4S (Advance Swimming) course namely; HRM2A and TM2B. The winners received freebies and they are exempted to take the final practical (with a perfect score). They just need need to take the final written examination.

The lucky swimmers are:

Rafael Co
Event: Fresstyle Male
Speed: 17.04 sec/ 25 meters

Kim Ann Caberto
Event: Freestyle Female
Speed: 21.96 sec/25 meters

Gino Miranda
Event: Breastroke Male
Speed: 22.42 sec/25 meters

Jannene Hicarte
Event: Breastroke Female
Speed: 33.66 sec/25 meters

Relay Men
Rafael Co
Gino Miranda
Genesis Dela Roma
Speed: 72.55 sec

Relay Women
Kristine Cancio
Jeanete Ann Baquir
Patricia Angela Satimbre
Speed: 112.43 sec
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The winners are expected to represent their course in the upcoming Letramurals Season 6. Good luck future Letramurals swimming champions.

Special Thanks to:

Asst. Prof. Randy A. Lero
Chair, Physical Education Area
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Letran- Manila

Asst. Prof. Russel Tropa
Faculty members of PE Area

HRM2A & TM2A Students

Angelicum Pool Management

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What type of float is difficult to execute?

Floating is an important skill in learning the different strokes. Learning to float indicates that the student is ready for the next learning skill. It further shows the confidence of the swimmer in the water. Prone floating is an important skill for the freestyle/frontcrawl while back float is important for the backstroke. Aside from the prone float and back float, there are other types of float to explore, namely;

1. dead man's float
2. turtle float
3. jellyfish float.

The three types of float could be easy or difficult to some students. Among the three, which is easy and on the other hand, the difficult to execute? Share your opinion about the floating lesson.

To my students, post your answer in the comment portion of this blog. Follow the format below:
Assignment # 3

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What are your expectations in a basic swimming class?

Basic swimming class is could be challenging to students with zero knowledge in swimming or those with traumatic experience in the water. Student with basic swimming skill that he or she obtained from a swimming school will surely feel the advantage. They could also have different expectations.

It is important that the teacher knows the expectation of the students to facilitate effective instruction. Based on my experience in coaching, the students usually expect the following.

1. Teacher is approachable so that students will not hesitate to ask questions.
2. The instruction should be clear and lessons are organized.
3. Lessons are demonstrated properly.
4. Enough time to practice the lessons.
5. Being objective in scoring practical tests.

Your own expectation is maybe not listed. Share at least two expectations to help your swimming teacher delivers better instruction. Your expectation will be a great contribution to the success of your swimming class.

To my students, post your answer in the comment portion of this blog. Follow the format below:
Assignment # 2